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An armored blanket that deploys in seconds

Armablanket is a level IIIA armored blanket that can be worn like a backpack. Simply pull the deploy strap to deploy a blanket that can stop any handgun bullet. Throw it over an object to create a bunker, or cover yourself for protection during a shooting.

Armablanket deploys into a 48" X 54" blanket.


Deploy & throw creating a small bulletproof bunker for cover

Armabunker is a level IIIA ballistic bunker that is equipped with straps and can be worn like a backpack. To deploy, simply remove it from your back, pull the straps & throw. It will pop up into a small bunker that can be used as cover during a shooting.

Armabunker pops up into a bunker that stands 36" tall & 40" wide

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